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MukoCell® – Advanced therapy medicinal products –


The MukoCell® procedure is a approved and established procedure in Germany.

In Germany, more than 200 patients have already been treated with the MukoCell® procedure. The clinical data in a follow-up period of up to 36 months show that the procedure is safe and effective.

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The advantages of MukoCell® at a glance:



  • Avoidance of removing large segments of native buccal mucosa and prevention of potentially resulting complications (pain, bleeding, paresthesias, contractures, deformities of the mouth, difficulty with eating, drinking, speaking, permanent salivation, etc.)
  • Significant improvement of the quality of life
  • No immunogenic reactions due to the patient’s own cells
  • Tissue-engineered grafts can be produced in volume (no limitation of the graft size)
  • Simple operation technique and shortening of operation and thus anesthesia time as well as hospital stay (risk & cost saving).
  • Surgical technique identical to the techniques of conventional urethral reconstruction.
  • Patient acceptance of urethral reconstruction increases due to elimination of oral mucosal harvesting
  • OR time shortened by up to 90 minutes due to the elimination of oral mucosa sampling
  • MukoCell is tested for sterility

The advantage of MukoCell over native oral mucosa grafts for patients undergoing urethroplasty is that only a small oral tissue collection (0.4 x 0.8 cm) is required for the preparation of MukoCell. No significant complications occur. Additional oral surgery during urethral reconstruction is avoided and the operating time for urethroplasty with MukoCell is reduced by up to 90 minutes compared to traditional oral mucoplasty.


Disadvantages of traditional oral mucoplasty
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Advantages of MukoCell
Patient report about disadvantages of oral mucoplasty