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MukoCell GmbH is a pharmaceutical company headquartered in Dortmund, Germany. In compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), MukoCell GmbH delivers products of the highest safety and quality. Our company has patented technologies in the growing field of tissue engineering, in which replacement tissue is grown in the laboratory from a patient’s own cells for the reconstruction of organs.

Current indications for our company’s first product include the treatment of urethral stenosis. There is an option for patients with urethral stenosis/urethral stricture to reconstruct the urethra with the autologous cell graft MukoCell®. Reconstruction of the urethra with MukoCell® is a gentle alternative to conventional transplantation with native oral mucosa.

The tissue substitute, which originates from our company’s own research and development, is the world’s first tissue product with the patient’s own cells (tissue engineering product) in urology. By using MukoCell® it is no longer necessary to remove large pieces of oral mucosa from the patient’s mouth for the reconstruction of the diseased urethra. This eliminates the side effects and complications associated with the removal of oral mucosa. The tissue substitute, grown from the patient’s own cells, has already been successfully used in Germany for many patients at more than 10 clinics.