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Web-based interactive Course – Bulbar Urethroplasty using tissue-enginered oral mucosal (MukoCell®)

Course description

This first-of-its-kind completely interactive web-based broadcast shows the treatment of urethral stricture diseases with MukoCell GmbH’s tissue engineered product MukoCell® and the latest, up-to-date, surgical techniques used in urethral reconstruction. During the course, the participant will be able to listen and communicate „live“ with the surgeon Prof. Barbagli. Prof. Guido Barbagli is a Key-Opinion-Leader in the area of Urology.


Guido Barbagli, M.D.
Director, Center for Reconstructive Urethral Surgery
Arezzo – Italy


Prof. Stolzenburg, Dr. Thilo Schwalenberg
Universitätsklinikum Leipzig Klinik und Poliklinik für Urologie
Leipzig – Germany, May 2012.

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