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MukoCell® – advanced therapy medicinal products. The MukoCell® method is an approved and established procedure in Germany.

In Germany more than 200 patients have already been treated with the MukoCell® method. Clinical data over a follow-up period of up to 36 months show that the procedure is safe and effective.

The advantages of MukoCell
at a glance:
  • No removal of large segments of native oral mucosa, avoidance of the associated complications (pain, bleeding, contractures, sensations, deformity of the mouth, difficulty eating, drinking, speaking, permanent salivation)
  • Significant increase in quality of life
  • Patient’s own cells, no immunogenic reactions
  • Tissue-engineered graft can be produced in any quantities

Traditional oral mucosal plastic surgery


Disadvantages of traditional methods:
Urethroplasty with oral mucosa
  • Increased risk of cancer (oral cancer) due to injuries of the oral cavity*.
  • large-area removal of oral mucosa
  • frequent scarring in the mouth
  • may result in numbness in the mouth, cheeks and lips
  • may lead to changes in facial expressions or to problems when speaking and drinking
  • may impair the mobility of the lower lip
  • Prolonged operation time due to two surgical procedures on the urethra and in the mouth
  • Risk of injury to the salivary gland entrance, with uncontrolled, increased salivation
  • Limited availability of oral mucosa for long strictures or repeated urethroplasty
  • Urethroplasty with oral mucosa has not yet been verified by independent prospective studies
  • many doctors lack the knowledge of oral surgeries, urologists are usually not trained for oral surgeries


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