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Partner Hospitals

The MukoCell research team consists of physicians, biologists, materials scientists and engineers. Close cooperation with opinion-makers in regenerative surgery across Europe as well as competent partners at modern research institutes provide MukoCellwith the opportunity of offering the most innovative, most cutting-edge technologies that are customized to the individual needs of every single patient.

Support by our commercial partners makes the delivery of the MukoCell product a reality throughout Europe. The following urological hospital facilities in Europe are using our first product – the autologous cell transplant – in their treatment of urethral strictures:


Prof. Dr. Helmut H. Knispel, MD Ph.D. habil
Hospital St. Hedwig Berlin

Prof. Dr. Dirk Fahlenkamp, MD Ph.D. habil.
Urology Hospital Center Zeisigwaldkliniken Bethanien Chemnitz
www.bethanien-chemnitz.de / Urology Clinic

Praxis Dr. med. Burkard Stürzebecher
Specialist in Urology
(biopsy samples and surgery at Hospital St. Hedwig Berlin)


Prof. Dr. Guido Barbagli, MD Ph.D. habil.
Center for Reconstructive Urethral Surgery, Arezzo


Russian Federation

Prof. Alexei Zhivov
Moscow State Medical and Dentistry University
Russian Federation