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Abstract – Société Internationale d’Urologie 2011

Abstract – Société Internationale d’Urologie 2011

Moderated Poster Session 12 – MP-12.04
Tissue- Engineered Buccal Mucosa Urethroplasty: Outcome of Our First Patients

Engel O1, Ram-Liebig G2, Pfalzgraf D1, Reiss P1, Fisch M1, Dahlem R1
(1) University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, Hamburg, Germany; (2) UroTec GmbH, Dresden, Germany

Introduction and Objective:

The open urethroplasty using buccal mucosa grafts is an established method for the treatment of urethral strictures. Due to the fact that the length of the graft at the donor site is limited, the stricture length to be reconstructed with conventional buccal mucosa is restricted. To reconstruct longer strictures, the use of tissue engineered grafts is promising. We report our first outcome.

Materials and Method :

Six patients with bulbar and penile urethral strictures underwent an open urethroplasty using tissue engineered buccal mucosa grafts. A 1 cm2 piece of buccal mucosa was harvested in local anesthesia. A tissue engineered graft was produced and implanted after three weeks. The catheter was removed after ten days. After three weeks an urethrography was done. Every three month an uroflowmetry was performed.

Results :

Patients showed no problems at donor site. The handling of the graft during operation was comfortable. The x ray examination showed watertight and wide anastomosis. The follow up showed a
strong flow and no residual urine.

Conclusion :

Tissue engineered buccal mucosa grafts seem to be a useful alternative to full mucosa grafts. A further follow-up is necessary to compare tissue engineered grafts to standard open urethroplasty.

Source: http://www.siucongress.org/2011/files/MP/MP-12_025-16518.pdf

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